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Error 59117 Severity 10


Workaround: Set “term len 0” before running the how ip cef... The caveats in this section are resolved in Cisco IOS Release 15.0(1)M10 but may be open in previous Cisco IOS releases. •CSCeb27716 Symptoms: Spurious memory access at vp_fastsend() may be seen Users should inform the system administrator whenever problems that generate severity levels of 17 and higher occur. Disable QoS for "MLP Bundle" users or all users. •CSCtc87162 Symptoms: Incorrect ceAssetMfgAssyNumber and ceAssetMfgAssyRevision in a Cisco 3900 series router. http://axishost.net/sql-server/error-824-severity-24.php

CSCue68127 Symptom: A Cisco 3845 router will crash due to IO memory corruption. Affected platforms include (this is not a complete/exhaustive list) –c3925E, c3945E –c2951, c3925, c3945 –c7200/VAM2+/VSA, –possibly VPNSPA on c7600/cat6K –819H –ISR G2 routers with ISM IPSec VPN accelerator Workaround: There is Conditions: The issue is observed on a Cisco AS5400 router running Cisco IOS Release15.1(4)M. CSCue68761 Symptom: A leak in small buffer is seen at ip_mforward in Cisco IOS Release 15.1(4)M3. check it out

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Workaround: Downgrade to Cisco IOS Release 15.0(1)M8. Workaround: There is no workaround. Conditions: This symptom occurs in a control session when RPC replies using the seat ID as the dest_port and other normal control messages use IPC_SEAT | IPC_CONTROL_PORT_ID as the dest_port.

If you are using Cisco 7200-VSA. 2. CSCtx99353 Symptom: %SYS-3-INVMEMINT: Invalid memory action (malloc) at interrupt level. Workaround: Disable the VSA module. Sql Server Error State List Cisco has released free software updates that address these vulnerabilities.

Reconfigure the TACACS+ server configuration to use "single-connection" mode. 4. Sql Error State The bugs in this section are resolved in Cisco IOS Release 15.1(4)M8 but may be open in previous Cisco IOS releases CSCsq83006 Symptom: When some port-channels go down at the same This advisory is available at the following link: http://tools.cisco.com/security/center/content/CiscoSecurityAdvisory/cisco-sa-20120926-ios-ips •CSCtw84664 A vulnerability exists in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) implementation in Cisco IOS Software and Cisco IOS XE Software that could http://infocenter.sybase.com/help/topic/com.sybase.infocenter.dc31654.1570/html/sag1/sag1568.htm Workaround: There is no workaround.

For example, the user may have tried to enter a value of the wrong datatype in a column or to compare columns of different and incompatible datatypes. Sql Server Severity 25 Conditions: The symptom is observed with AES encryption configuration in ISAKMP policy. CSCtq21722 Symptom: A Cisco switch may reload when configured for SNMP. Downgrade to Cisco IOS Release 15.1(4)M3 or earlier releases.

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Conditions: The following are examples of log messages seen: Example 1: %SYS-2-INTSCHED: ’may_suspend’ at level 4 -Process= "IP SNMP", ipl= 4, pid= 429 -Traceback= %SYS-2-INTSCHED: ’may_suspend’ at level 4 http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/ios/15_0/release/notes/150MCAVS.html Conditions: This symptom occurs with SSO mode, when the Cisco ASR1k is configured with ISG as dhcp server and with a low dhcp lease timer. Sql Server Severity Levels Workaround: There is no workaround. •CSCts38429 The Cisco IOS Software Internet Key Exchange (IKE) feature contains a denial of service (DoS) vulnerability. Raiserror Severity And State Earlier versions are not affected.

Then for example if the caller transfers to a directed-park number in CUCM another OLC comes to the gateway with the same multicast ip address. his comment is here Conditions: This symptom is observed under the following conditions: 1. Workaround: Use the external interface and remove QoS preclassify from the tunnel. CSCul35292 Symptom: A router reloads with a bus error when running the show voice trunk-conditioning signaling command. Sql Server Error List

Conditions: This symptom is observed when router self zone policies are applied and the GRE tunnel is in an intermediate zone between the inside and outside zones. Conditions: This symptom is observed on a Cisco 3845 running the c3845-advipservicesk9-mz.151-4.M1 image with a PKI certificate server configuration. Configure a “dummy” SIP Profile with no rules and apply it to the outbound dial-peer voice class sip-profiles 3 ! this contact form This example is from a router in the lab.

Conditions: The symptom is observed upon issuing the show redun history command from the active RP console and at the same time executing clear redu history from the VTTY terminal. Sql Server Error 823 824 And 825 Conditions: Adding both commands mgcp default-package fxr-package and mgcp fax t38 inhibit under MGCP may cause voice call to fail. Reduce hold queue sizes such that the total size of the queues for all active interfaces in the system does not exceed 512. •CSCtq92650 Symptoms: DMVPN tunnel is not selecting the

Conditions: This symptom is observed after an STP failover occurs.

WARNING! You can create your own error numbers and messages based on Adaptive Server error numbers (for example, by adding 20,000 to the Adaptive Server value). CSCue04841 Symptom: When the SM module is removed, a %DXMRVL_FLTMG-7-INTERNAL_ERR output occurs with a traceback and when the SM module is reinserted, and the “switchport mode trunk” command is entered, a It has only been seen when there is a "ip mtu 1500" configured on a tunnel interface where the physical mtu is 1500 forcing packets to be fragmented on the physical What Will @@error Return A limited number of Cisco IOS and Cisco IOS XE releases based on the Cisco IOS 15 code base include support for a new algorithm to hash user-provided plaintext passwords.

CSCtw74339 Symptom: Blocked MRIB and SNMP IPC send time outs with no issues in the platform layer. This advisory is available at the following link: http://tools.cisco.com/security/center/content/CiscoSecurityAdvisory/cisco-sa-20120328-ike •CSCts59014 Symptoms: Only one ATM VC shaper token is updated per cycle in a high-scale scenario. Workaround: Clear the ARP table of the affected interface (after the VLAN is in a forwarding state). navigate here This issue may be seen on Cisco 1900 series routers and Cisco 2900 series routers (except Cisco 2951) This issue may occur when manual set duplex on the affected platform.

This communication failure prevents the router from connecting externally via the modem. Workaround: There is no workaround. •CSCtj59117 Symptoms: The following error message is seen and the router freezes and crashes: %SYS-2-BADSHARE: Bad refcount in retparticle A reload is required to recover. This vulnerability could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to cause an interface wedge, which can lead to loss of connectivity, loss of routing protocol adjacency, and other denial of service (DoS) It seems that the call is not disconnected completely for the end point by the previous disconnect request (the DLCX is received after the CRCX message from SSW).

Conditions: This symptom occurs on a Cisco router when heavy traffic is going through an external interface. Conditions: This symptom is observed when the PFR inject route in an EIGRP topology table after the policy decision. You can use EEM to recover automatically. •CSCts78348 Symptoms: Packet drop will occur on a router when the interface is configured as 10/full. Workaround: There is no workaround. •CSCti41891 Symptoms: When 812 tunnels are configured, Standby starts rebooting.

For the misaligned read to occur the packet header has to be put in a misaligned position. This should resolve the problem. Conditions: This symptom is observed with the Cisco ISR-G2 platform. CSCue88659 Symptom: When installing a new signature file, a router reports traceback or crash with Cisco IOS-IPS.

Further Problem Description: CSCub30381 Symptom: Router crashes very frequently. Conditions: This symptom is observed when SG3 fax on both end and GWs were configured with H323 protocol and T38 v3 fax relay. Workaround: Redundant LANs may not be necessary in first place. ERROR Public MPWiki » Page not found Page not found The page you are looking for might have been removed or is temporarily unavailable. © VIAcode.

A related issue is also seen when there is no IPv6 connectivity between the hub and spoke, causing continuous EIGRP flapping on the hub. Workaround: There is no workaround. Workaround: Turn off the VSA, and go back to software encryption. •CSCto10485 Symptoms: With a GRE over IPSec configuration using tunnel protection, traffic originated from the router may be dropped on CSCtl90292 Symptom: The following error messages are displayed: an 18 08:00:16.577 MET: %SYS-2-MALLOCFAIL: Memory allocation of 9420 bytes failed from 0x42446470, alignment 32 Pool: I/O Free: 11331600 Cause: Memory fragmentation Alternate

Conditions: The symptom is observed after an "%ISDN-6-DISCONNECT" message from "unknown" followed by a couple of Illegal Access to Low Address" messages. When on-demand DPDs are configured for IPsec failover. Workaround: Use the port-channel interface settings below: (config)# interface port-channel (config-if)# bandwidth (config-if)# delay Further Problem Description: If a test is done with Workaround: There is no workaround. •CSCsz18634 Symptoms: An input/output rate is always displayed with "0" in interface status, even though packets are flowing on the ports normally.