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If the argument is a vector, each value will be used as both a negative and positive error and the error bar will be symmetric about the plot vertex. This property is ignored if FILL_BACKGROUND is not set. Parameters indep in required type=any The independent data vector (X vector) if all three input parameters are used. X only needs to be provided if the abscissa values are not the same as the index numbers of the plotted points. http://axishost.net/error-bars/error-bars-log-plot.php

YRANGE A two-element vector giving the Y data range to plot. This approximation is meaningful only when the neighboring error bars have similar sizes. /LOBAR = if specified and non-zero, will draw only the -ERR error bars. /HIBAR = if specified and If you have a graphic in another window that is not currently selected, you can also set this keyword to that graphic's reference to overplot on top of that graphic. Added the following methods: Delete, GetData, GetValueAtLocation, MapForward, MapInverse, SetData. 8.2 Added AXES, BACKGROUND_COLOR, BACKGROUND_TRANSPARENCY, CLIP properties. 8.2.1 Added ANTIALIAS property. 8.2.2 Change POSITION from a keyword to a property. 8.2.3 http://northstar-www.dartmouth.edu/doc/idl/html_6.2/ERRPLOT.html

Idl Ploterror

PSym in optional type=boolean Not used. Keywords AddCmd in optional type=boolean default=0 Set this keyword to add the command to an cgWindow display. Set this keyword to remove the toolbar. Properties ANTIALIAS By default anti-aliasing is used when drawing lines.

If NAME is not set then a default name is chosen based on the graphic type. If this property is not set then the symbol color will match the COLOR. If any of the time units are utilized, then the tick values are interpreted as Julian date/time values. Error Bars Plot R Keywords WIDTH The width of the error bars.

high in optional type=any If three input parameters are used, this parameter is assumed to contain the high values of the error estimates. You can get and set the following properties on the retrieved crosshair: Property Description ANTIALIAS Set to 1 to enable anti-aliasing for the lines. The title properties may be modified using FONT_COLOR, FONT_NAME, FONT_SIZE, and FONT_STYLE. directory Here you will find reference guides, help documents, and product libraries.  Docs Center IDL Programming IDL Reference Using IDL Modules Advanced Math and Stats Dataminer DICOM Toolkit APIs ENVI API

INTERPOLATE Set to 1 to force interpolation between Plot data points when SNAP is active. Idl Oploterr Fabien Maussion. Forgot to allow COLOR keyword to be a vector of colors. 18 June 2013. The [XYZ]RANGE properties may be used to override these default ranges. The repeat indicates the number of times that individual bits in the bitmask should be repeated. (That is, if three consecutive 0’s appear in the bitmask and the value of repeat

Idl Ploterr

THICK Set this property to a value between 0 and 10 that specifies the thickness of the plot line. Alternately, a 3 x N byte array containing vertex color values. Idl Ploterror After creation the TITLE property may be used to retrieve a reference to the title text object, and the TEXT properties may be used to modify the title object. Plot Idl Color SYM_SIZE A floating point value specifying the size of the plot symbol.

NODATA Set this keyword to 1 to create the graphic, but without any data attached to it. this website Thick in optional type=float default=!P.Thick The width of the lines used to draw the error bars. This routine is written in the IDL language. This is useful if you want to later add another graphic that does have axes, and you want the two visualizations to be aligned properly. Error Bars Plot Python

COLOR Set this property to a string or RGB vector that specifies the color of the plot line. Landsman Jun 2002 Last modified by pro2html on 2002 June 05 at 03:46 UTC [Home Page] [Software, Documentation] [IDL Documentation] [Quick Reference] [Feedback] Jörn Wilms ([email protected]) Updated automatically Default for all graphics except Image, Barplot, and Map. (1) Force the exact data range. Get More Info Books Take your skills to the next level with this list of recommended reading material on IDL and ENVI.

Calling Sequence oploterror, [ x,] y, [xerr], yerr, [ /NOHAT, HATLENGTH= , ERRTHICK =, ERRSTYLE=, ERRCOLOR =, /LOBAR, /HIBAR, NSKIP = , NSUM = , ... Idl Errplot If the argument is a 2 by N array, the [0, *] values define the negative error and the [1, *] values define the positive error, resulting in asymmetric error bars. If the OVERPLOT keyword is specified, axis ranges will not change.

y = cgDemoData(1) seed = 3L x = Indgen(N_Elements(y)) cgPlot, x, y, /WINDOW errLow = RandomU(seed, N_Elements(y)) * 1.5 errHigh = RandomU(seed, N_Elements(y)) * 1.5 cgErrPlot, x, y-errLow, y+errHigh, COLOR='red', /ADDCMD

The length of this array must be equal in length to the number of vertices of the plot. BACKGROUND_COLOR Set this property to a string or RGB vector indicating the graphic's background color. Moreover, the routines have additional options, such as NAN value recogntion, plotting only every nth error bar, and the NSum keyword that make them even more useful. Oplot Idl This property is ignored if FILL_BACKGROUND is not set.

Error bars can also be created on plots using the ERR_* keywords available on the cgPlot command. This is the default for 2D graphics. 3 - Crosshair-style axes - located at the midpoint of each data dimension. The default behavior is to plot the entire data range. see here VERT_COLORS A vector of indices into the color table for the color of each vertex (plot data point).

Coordinates are expressed in normalized units ranging from 0.0 to 1.0. Horizontal in optional type=boolean default=0 Set this keyword to draw an errorbar along the X direction. Otherwise, the keyword is assumed to be a color index into the current color table. Landsman Dec 2000 Improve logic when NSUM or !P.NSUM is set W.

You can find IDL code and see an example of this in the Errorbar_Plot example in the Coyote Plot Gallery. [Return to IDL Programming Tips] Copyright © 1997-2013 David W. This keyword is ignored if either OVERPLOT or POSITION is specified. Landsman Jan 1999 Handle NSUM keyword correctly W. LINESTYLE An integer or string giving the line style.

SYMBOL A string giving the symbol name. SYM_COLOR Set this property to a string or RGB vector that specifies the color of the plot symbol. A value of 1.0 produces a symbol that is 10% of the width/height of the plot.