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CHAPTER 2 CHAPTER II THEORITICAL FRAMEWORK A. Background of the Problem English as an international language has an important role to develop science and technologies. C. In this step the writer will selecting, focusing, simplifying, abstracting, and transforming the data that appear in written up field notes or transcriptions. 2. my review here

They talked about it leads to *They discussed about it. Interested c. For example: in teaching foreign language, teacher often uses question as a teaching device to get the learner's responses. a.

Error Analysis On The Use Of Tenses

Generated Mon, 10 Oct 2016 12:29:49 GMT by s_ac15 (squid/3.5.20) A STUDY ON TEACHING ENGLISH USING GAMES TO THE NINTH YEAR STUDENTS OF SMPN 3 PARE-KEDIRI CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Problem It is known that English is an The researcher only took Indonesian students who were in the ninth year students at SMPN 3 Pare.The student did not concentrate on all structure/tense problems found in students doing, since the He used descriptive quantitative, and the result of his research is (1) there are three out of eleven types of errors classified as the the dominant errors, namely Omission of to

martinet (1986: 116) state : - Be as an auxiliary verb: Affirmative Negative Interogative I was I was not/wasn't Was I ? Do you feel interested when your teacher teach recount text ? And the writer focus in using simple past tense in recount texts. Grammar Error Analysis Exercise The first aspect is the generic structure.

The month of October was chosen as preliminary studies related to the provisions of the institutions that set the time research is 6 months. Literary Analysis Past Or Present Tense According to Pope, ‘writing can be briefly defined as the activity of making verbal marks on paper or some other substance (stone, wood, plastic, computer screen, etc.); also what results (i.e. An error is a noticeable deviation from the adult grammar of a native speaker, reflecting the inter language competence of the students (Brown, 1980:165). https://www.scribd.com/document/266061578/Error-Analysis-Simple-Past-Tense-ENG-653 Never 8.

Over-generalization The learner has tendency to simplify the formations or the rules of the target language. Error Analysis In English Grammar Meanwhile, Brown (2000:76) stated that error as noticeable deviation from the adult grammar of a native speaker. The sequence of event is then described in some sorts of order, for instance a time order. Please try the request again.

Literary Analysis Past Or Present Tense

Do you know the language features of recount text ? http://repository.wima.ac.id/4996/ Dulay, Heidi et al. 1982. Error Analysis On The Use Of Tenses Volume 1.Really Useful English IdiomsBusiness EnglishEnglish GrammarIELTS Essay BoosterHow to Learn ArabicFifty Ways to Teach SpeakingFifty Ways to Teach TeenagersTravel English for Busy Travelers100 TESOL Activities for Teachers175 Common American English Past Tense Mistake In addition errors that happened caused of the interference of mother language.

Structure or grammar is one of the basic components of language which must learn. 1 In the teaching of writing, the sequence of activities typically involves: (1) familiarization: learners study this page Nasution primary data is data that can be obtained directly from the field or place of study. CHAPTER II CHAPTER II THEORITICAL FRAMEWORK A. Therefore the writer wants to analyze the errors made by the students and tries to give solutions to overcome their problems. Verb Tense Error

According to Nasution in Sugiyono (2010:310) stated that, observations is the basic of all science. This might mostly because the students are influenced by their mother tongue on the acquisition of the new structures. According to Oxford Adva... http://axishost.net/error-analysis/error-analysis-immunochemistry-error-analysis.php To the Students The writer hopes the students will be able to do simple past tense items well and improve the students' mastery of simple past tense.

Recount is a reconstruction of something which happened in the past (Djuharie : 2008). Classification Of Grammatical Errors Place and Time of The Research Selection and determination of the location of the research is on SMAN 4 Kediri. ii.

The researcher can use some instruments that can use in research namely a test-, an interview, an observation, a questionnaire, an experiment, a field note.

Then man who wears glasses sings with he can sing. THEORITICAL FRAMEWORK 1. This means qualitative approach will be choosen in this research, because the researcher steady research that based on experience and method of qualitative can give detail more complex than quantitative research. Error Analysis In English Writing Planning Table. 1 PREPARATION o Agree a schedule and assignments o Agree a schedule and assignments o Drafting instruments o Seminar concept implementation 2 THE IMPLEMENTATION o Sets up tools o

Do you know the generic structure of recount text ? Orientation: Introducing the participants, place and time 2. So, the teacher should be flexible in using approaches for the learners and must be able to apply different principles and techniques that suitable with learners' interest. useful reference Class 8C was used as the try out group.

For example: She said to me may create *She asked to me. Abbort (1981: 216) wrote,"For pedagogic purposes, teachers and others more likely to be concerned with the performances of whole groups and especially with the problems they have in commons. Statement of the problemsBased on the background of the study there are problems, which can be formulated after identifying the type errors, omitted among the ninth year students of SMPN 3 The result of the study shows that the total errors made by the students were 720 errors; Misformation errors (71.14%), omission errors (15.28%), and addition errors (13.05%). Those errors made

There are any three definitions about qualitative content analysis, the first is a research method for the subjective interpretation of the content of text data through the systematic classification process of The generic structure of a recount consists of three parts; they are the setting or orientation, events, and conclusion. Never 7. Data Display Data display is the second element or level in Miles and Huberman's (1994) model of qualitative data analysis.

Do you get difficulty when you write recount text ? a piece of writing)' (1998:255). Lihat profil lengkapku Arsip Blog ▼ 2012 (5) ▼ Mei (5) EFFECTS OF PRE-QUESTIONING ON THE READING COMPREHE... Do you feel difficult about the tenses when you write recount text ?

The time or approximate time that the event took place is stated or is understood from the context. Interest always has a relation with the individual's feeling, objects, activities and situations. AN ANALYSIS OF THE MAIN CHARACTER'S HATRED A STUDY ON TEACHING ENGLISH USING GAMES TO THE NIN... I can't c.

Richard (1974: 174) defined that intralingual errors are caused by: a. Context of Learning Context refers to the class in which its teacher and its material in this case of teaching of the target language learning. A recount describes events, so plenty of use is made of verbs (action words), and of adverb (describe or add more detail to verb). The sequence of event is then described in some sorts of order, for instance a time order.

B. The instrument used was concerning the grammar test in a recount text in the form of controlled composition. It is the unfolding sequence of event over time and the purpose is to tell what happened.