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Error Analysis Of A Quadrature Coherent Detection Processor

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Viterbi and A. useful reference Teo, Y. Magnetics 46, 933–941 (2010). [Crossref] 2009 (7) H. SinskyOriginal AssigneeAllied-Signal Inc.Export CitationBiBTeX, EndNote, RefManPatent Citations (6), Non-Patent Citations (4), Referenced by (21), Classifications (11), Legal Events (6) External Links:USPTO, USPTO Assignment, EspacenetMonopulse processor digital correction circuit US 4994810 AAbstract

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The method of claim 2 wherein:said seventh step of computing from said values V.sub.ΔI (1), V.sub.ΔQ (1), V.sub.ΔI (2) and V.sub.ΔQ (2) a second set of four correction coefficients K5, K6,K7 Li, “BER estimation of QPSK homodyne detection with carrier phase estimation using digital signal processing,” Opt. The output of multiplier 79 is coupled over lead 83 to a second input of adder 74.

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I. No. 4,021,804 which issued on May 3, 1977 to Dounce et al., the use of digital techniques is described for storage and for phase correction processing of the received signals in Y. Difference channel 50 has reference numerals with like reference numbers as sum channel 49 except for the numbers being primed.

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