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All the usual, updates to the meta pidgin, verified I can access the MSN account, but at CMD an NSLOOKUP on messenger.hotmail.com returns nothing... Translators may want to transliterate the name. 136#. Submitted by GnomenKlayture on June 25, 2012 - 10:50am I've done everything I can think of... Create the "Action" frame. 1215msgid "Action" 1216msgstr "Acción" 1217 1218msgid "Open an IM window" 1219msgstr "Abrir una ventana de MI" 1220 1221msgid "Pop up a notification" 1222msgstr "Notificación con una ventana http://axishost.net/error-al/error-al-intentar-resolver-el-nombre-dns-de-un-dc.php

XXX: The following expects that finch_notify_message gets called. PurpleStatusPrimitive 1509#. I win! Pool name 1879msgid "Certificate Authorities" 1880msgstr "Autoridades de Certificación" 1881 1882#.

Cancel button 236#. SevenFactors, it was the gateway that was failing. No se sobre-escribirá.\n" 2113 2114msgid "File is not readable." 2115msgstr "El archivo no es leíble." 2116 2117#, c-format 2118msgid "%s wants to send you %s (%s)" 2119msgstr "%s quiere enviarle %s Please donate. 300+ apps including Colour Contrast Analyser (Sep 29, 2016) Over 500 million downloads You are hereHome » Forums » Support Forums » Internet Apps Support Pidgin: anybody else getting

id - use default 1510#. Not masked? 503#. Cancel 237msgid "Cancel" 238msgstr "Cancelar" 239 240#. Modify button 267msgid "Modify" 268msgstr "Modificar" 269 270#, c-format 271msgid "%s%s%s%s has made %s his or her buddy%s%s" 272msgstr "%s%s%s%s ha hecho a %s su amigo o amiga%s%s" 273 274msgid "Add

Attributes - each status can have a message. 1515msgid "Message" 1516msgstr "Mensaje" 1517 1518#. copy the preferences to tmp values... 1154#. * I liked "take affect immediately" Oh well :-( 1155#. (that should have been "effect," right?) 1156#. not independent 1514#. see here Search box ********* 1000msgid "Scroll/Search: " 1001msgstr "Deslizar/Buscar: " 1002 1003#, c-format 1004msgid "Conversations in %s" 1005msgstr "Conversaciones en %s" 1006 1007#, c-format 1008msgid "Conversations with %s" 1009msgstr "Conversaciones con %s"

No se registrarán mensajes de esta conversación de " 746"ahora en adelante." 747 748msgid "Send To" 749msgstr "Enviar a" 750 751msgid "Conversation" 752msgstr "Conversación" 753 754msgid "Clear Scrollback" 755msgstr "Limpiar histórico" Living can be hazardous to your health, you may die from it. ~Phil Sergent Log in or register to post comments SevenFactors July 2, 2012 - 5:48pm Permalink Good. Compruebe que la fecha y hora de su " 1826"ordenador sean correctas." 1827 1828msgid "" 1829"The certificate has expired and should not be considered valid. ID ▼ Status▼ Priority▼ Owner▼ Summary + Labels ▼ Stars▼ Reporter▼ Opened▼ ... 82691 Assigned ---- [email protected] Apk built with Jack enable does not work when using square's

Sólo debería utilizarse 23# conversación con el hecho en sí de conversar, sino dificulta la comprensión 24# de qué es un chat (un servidor al que la gente se conecta y http://www.ics.uci.edu/~newman/nsf/aug27/cnt.origcase.txt Number of actions 1024msgid "Accept" 1025msgstr "Aceptar" 1026 1027msgid "Reject" 1028msgstr "Rechazar" 1029 1030msgid "Call in progress." 1031msgstr "Llamada en curso." 1032 1033msgid "The call has been terminated." 1034msgstr "La llamada Se unirá " 735"automáticamente al chat cuando se vuelva a conectar la cuenta." 736 737msgid "Logging started. Por favor, informe de " 174"este error en http://developer.pidgin.im" 175 176#.

Join Our Community Join our forums Subscribe to our email newsletter Subscribe with RSS Like us on Facebook Follow us on Google+ Follow us on Twitter Partner with PortableApps.com Hardware providers useful reference Seems that MS has integrated messenger with their Live Essentials thus making messenger.hotmail.com:11004 no longer connect capable. Idle stuff 469msgid "Idle" 470msgstr "Está inactivo" 471 472# El latinoamérica se prefiere 'Celular', creo, jfs 473msgid "On Mobile" 474msgstr "En el móvil" 475 476msgid "New..." 477msgstr "Nuevo..." 478 479msgid "Saved..." See '/help msgcolor' for valid colors." 807msgstr "" 808"%s no es un color válido.

Save button 241#. no escribió suficientes argumentos para esa orden." 695 696msgid "Your command failed for an unknown reason." 697msgstr "Su orden ha fallado por motivos desconocidos." 698 699msgid "That command only works in Translators: "domain" refers to a DNS domain (e.g. http://axishost.net/error-al/error-al-abrir-messenger.php Give these settings a try. -Sever: messenger.hotmail.com -Port: 1863 -HTTP Method Server: gateway.messenger.hotmail.com --I don't use the HTTP method [not checked] ---Connection as shown on CMD/NETSTAT--- baymsg1030121.gateway.edge.messenger.live.com:1863 ESTABLISHED Log in or

See '/help msgcolor' for valid message " 800"classes." 801msgstr "" 802"%s no es una clase de mensajes válida. Check out the latest downloadable searchcode server release published under fair source. like I said, 880#. * it doesn't make sense.

XXX: Setting the GROW_Y for the following widgets don't make sense.

Use 1519msgid "Use" 1520msgstr "Usar" 1521 1522msgid "Invalid title" 1523msgstr "Título no válido" 1524 1525msgid "Please enter a non-empty title for the status." 1526msgstr "Introduzca un título no vacío para el Check out the latest downloadable searchcode server release published under fair source. Error resolving gateway messenger.hotmail.com:11004" Log in or register to post comments SevenFactors June 25, 2012 - 9:05pm Permalink hmmmm MSN on Pidgin is working fine for me. talk.google.com) 1836msgid "The certificate presented is not issued to this domain." 1837msgstr "El certificado recibido no ha sido generado para este dominio." 1838 1839msgid "" 1840"You have no database of root

A partir de ahora se registrarán todos los mensajes " 740"de esta conversación." 741 742msgid "" 743"Logging stopped. Serrador 9# Copyright (C) June 2002, April 2003, January 2004, March 2004, September 2004, 10# January 2005, 2006-2008, July 2009, July 2010, August 2010, January 2011 11# February 2012, January It is not to be translated. 137msgid "Finch" 138msgstr "Finch" 139 140#, c-format 141msgid "%s. http://axishost.net/error-al/error-al-recibir-el-archivo-en-messenger-8-5.php Previous message: Problem connecting to msn Messages sorted by: [ date ] [ thread ] [ subject ] [ author ] More information about the Support mailing list Skip to main

Esto podría significar que usted " 1916"no está conectado con el servicio que realmente quiere." 1917 1918#. Create the window 1158msgid "Preferences" 1159msgstr "Preferencias" 1160 1161msgid "Please enter a buddy to pounce." 1162msgstr "Indique el amigo del que avisar." 1163 1164msgid "New Buddy Pounce" 1165msgstr "Nuevo aviso de Scheme name 1878#. Create the window. 1372msgid "Room List" 1373msgstr "Lista de salas" 1374 1375msgid "Buddy logs in" 1376msgstr "Se conecta un amigo" 1377 1378msgid "Buddy logs out" 1379msgstr "Se desconecta un amigo" 1380

La analogía de "conversación" 22# no permite traducir las metáforas de "chat room".