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Be careful about the placement of this option in the options file---it should perhaps be placed at the beginning, or close to it, if you are including other images that link This allows a process using the Threads Library to take advantage of the full resources of a multiprocessor machine. System calls are not cancelation points for threads in legacy multithreaded applications that were created using the Compaq proprietary CMA (or cma) or POSIX 1003.4a/Draft 4 (d4 or DCEthreads) interfaces. This latter case might involve the installation of an ECO kit, the use of the C backport library, or simply linking the image(s) in the oldest OpenVMS environment to be supported http://axishost.net/error-activating/error-activating-image.php

Themachine I installed this on has GNV V1.14.8(0) installed but I do notsee any file named "TERMINFO" on the system.If the VMS port was complete, it'd use SMG instead.D.J.D. Even without kernel threads, OpenVMS Alpha "upcalls" support smooth integration between the Threads Library and kernel scheduler. What happened to the standard thatDEC/Compaq/HP logicals would have a $ in them and that sites couldcreate logicals with no $ without having to worry about conflicts?Ported from Unix. /usr is The condition is signaled with a single argument containing the address of the EXCEPTION structure.

Specifically, a thread with SCHED_FIFO policy cannot run at a priority higher than 18 without privilege, since doing so could lock out all other users on the system until the thread There is no support for retrieving message text, and it cannot be interpreted by other facilities. For OpenVMS Alpha, ASTs are handed off to DECthreads by the operating system. The Threads Library only occasionally uses this additional stack space, such as during timeslice interruptions.

During linking, it provides the locations of the transfer vector entries (OpenVMS VAX) or symbol vector entries (OpenVMS Alpha) in CMA$OPEN_RTL.EXE for the the older OpenVMS version. You will need to relink the application image(s) involved, or otherwise ensure that the image(s) are compatible with the version(s) of the image(s) on the target system. For more information see your OpenVMS documentation. An upcall is a communication between the OpenVMS scheduler and the Threads Library scheduler.

For more information see your OpenVMS documentation. What happened to the standard thatDEC/Compaq/HP logicals would have a $ in them and that sites couldcreate logicals with no $ without having to worry about conflicts?3. Prior to DIGITAL UNIX Version 4.0, asynchronous signals were processed only in the main thread. page For example, you can create a thread that blocks on a sigwait() routine for SIGINT, rather than handling a Ctrl/C in the normal way.

I'd be moreencouraged to send back positive and constructive feedback, but with anyof the ported stuff, I think expecting perfection as we're used to inthe VMS world, is possibly asking too As can be seen by these commands:$ ANAL/IMAGE/OUT=X.TMP MIMEXE9:MIMLICENSE$ SEA/WIN=(2,0)/MAT=AND X.TMP GLOBAL,PTHREADThe problem seems to be that the current release is built under OpenVMS 7.3-2.To fix this you can either:1. If this qualifier is not specified, the default linker setting is /NOTHREADS_ENABLE, which results in an image that behaves as under OpenVMS Alpha Version 6. In a different system environment, such as in a production environment, the timing might be different, possibly resulting in occasional failures when certain conditions are met.

If your code declares a condition handler within the TRY/ENDTRY block, exceptions will not be handled correctly until the next TRY statement is executed. http://h30266.www3.hp.com/odl/i64os/opsys/vmsos84/6493/6101pro_031.html Because a thread context switch does not involve any privileged information (rather, only a swapping of registers), it can be done much more efficiently in user mode than a context switch This enables using the SDA command SHOW PROCESS/SEMAPHORE, which traces the activity of the inner mode semaphore used by kernel threads. 3 EXCEPTION.STB Symbol table for executive loaded image that contains It contains sample driver programs, user-written system service programs, and other source code examples. 3 ADDUSER.COM Sample command procedure to add users to SYSUAF.DAT 3 ALPHA_LOGGER.C Example program for simple terminal

B.12.1 Linker Options to Specify Image's Use of Kernel Threads In OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.1 and later, the linker supports the /THREADS_ENABLE (or /NOTHREADS_ENABLE) qualifier for specifying the role of kernel my review here User Action: See the documentation for the software that your program is calling to determine the reason for this exception. Normally, this should pose no problem. When the process terminates, all kernel threads in the process are reclaimed by the kernel.

A system contention scope thread competes against all threads in the system and will preempt any thread with lower priority. When the SHOW qualifier is used alone with the THREADCP command, the file name can contain wildcard characters. Or at least tell me where the "Program's toolbar"is.8. click site Already a member?

The web page states that the program wants me to set my terminal toVT100 mode. Any application that uses default-sized stacks is unlikely to experience problems due to this change. The following are restrictions concerning the use of ASTs with DECthreads: Avoid blocking ASTs using any mechanism other than $SETAST.

As of OpenVMS Version 7.2, the Threads Library has increased the minimum thread stack size (based on the PTHREAD_STACK_MIN constant) for OpenVMS VAX only.

B.10 Using OpenVMS Alpha 64-Bit Addressing On OpenVMS Alpha, the Threads Library supports the use of 64-bit addressing in the pthread interface only. Following are two reasons for avoiding signals: Signals cannot be used in a modular way in a multithreaded program. The image is loaded into the system if the SYSTEM_CHECK SYSGEN parameter is set correctly. 3 IO_ROUTINES_MON.STB Symbol table for debug version I/O-related OpenVMS executable 3 LMF$GROUP_TABLE.EXE Data for valid licensed It is not supplied as object libraries.

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If your program lacks necessary privileges, attempting to call the following routines for a thread in system contention scope returns the error value [EPERM]: pthread_attr_setschedpolicy() ( Error returned by pthread_create() at Additionally, the directory contains codeset definition files for use in compiling user-written locale with the LOCALE COMPILE command. 3 BIG5.CMAP Big5 character encoding file 3 CS_CZ_ISO8859-2.LOCALE Czech locale 3 DA_DK_ISO8859-1.LOCALE Danish